Financial advisory services are required due to the projects needing extensive coordination in addition to technical decisions during the life of the project from site selection and valuation to occupation. The banks have neither the time nor the expertise to devote to these projects. Therefore the banks require a professional appointed by it with sole loyalty to the particular bank to be responsible for all aspects of the project and to accurately interpolate the bank’s requirements and appropriately apply methodology that will have well defined requirements and deliverables. The project manager will lead and direct cross functional teams to deliver the project within the constraints of the bank’s schedule, budget and scope.

The project manager will coordinate the various stages and teams to achieve a well planned and executed project:

1 • Site and building evaluation
2 • Feasibility study
3 • Facilities programming and space planning
4 • Conceptual design
5 • Architectural design
6 • Specialist design
7 •
Interior design
8 • Specifications
9 • Construction and administration
10 • Sub-contractors
11 • Quantity control
12 • Supervision
13 • Post-occupancy evaluation

We can offer the above services based on the unique mix of knowledge particular to this field of Nawaf Beyhum who joined Arab Banking Corporation 23 years ago in June 1984 and headed the Premises Engineering Department. During his tenure he developed ABC’s head office in Bahrain, along with its offices across its extensive global network in places as diverse as London, Milan, Frankfurt, New York and North Africa. In addition to that he headed the Corporate Communications of the group from October 2003 to February 2007.

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